The seat system

Our seating system enables our customers to easily tailor their iEDI subscription to their specific needs. You can purchase a seat for use on an optional product (or module, as we call it). Some advanced modules cost more seats.

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Customize your iEDI subscription using the seat system

The seating system is a solution that allows you to easily customize your subscription so that it includes only the features you require. You won't have to pay extra for features you won't use.

How the system works:

A seat costs € 12 / month. You can use this seat on different modules, for example, if you want to be able to send documents in multiple EDI formats, have an AS2 connection, or use other iEDI functionalities.

When you sign up for iEDI, you are automatically charged € 12,- per month for the basic package, which includes an optional EDI format and the standard functions. Then, as needed, you can buy and unsubscribe seats. The cost of your monthly subscription rises with each seat purchased. If you want to buy the PDF module, which costs 4 seats, your subscription will cost € 60,- (12,- + 4*12).

01 Purchase functionalities as needed

Do you need to send an EDI document in a format other than your standard format? Purchase a seat and use it on it to add an extra format to your subscription.

02 Are your EDI needs changing?

You can always buy more seats or replace one module with another.

03 Easy and scalable system

You can always unsubscribe from your seats if you no longer need additional functionalities.

Purchase seats as needed


Extra user: 1 seat
Extra format: 1 seat
Extra company: 1 seat
PDF module: 4 seats
SSCC: 2 seats

Standard subscription

€ 12,- / month

+ seat / month

€ 12,-

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