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iEDI makes electronic trade with the UK easier




We can now offer a new EDI format that meets the wishes of our customers who trade with English companies. It also opens up new opportunities for our other customers, who can now exchange electronic documents in the EDI format Tradacoms for just £10/month.

Tradacoms is an early developed EDI standard used primarily in the UK retail sector. It was introduced in 1982, and is one of the forerunners of the more well-known EDI standard EDIFACT. Unlike EDIFACT, which is an international standard for electronic document exchange, Tradacoms has been maintained and further developed in the UK and is still the UK's preferred EDI format.

“Tradacoms is one of the formats that Danish companies have difficulty finding a provider for. It creates some difficulties for the Danish companies if they get an English partner. ”

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

This is no longer a problem for iEDI's customers. They now have the option of purchasing a seat for just £10/month, which they can use on the Tradacom format, just as they can purchase a seat for another format, an additional user or company account.

How iEDI's seat system works:

Instead of having a lot of products with different prices, we at iEDI have chosen a seat system where you can buy a seat that you can use on an optional "product" - or "module" as we usually call it.

A seat costs £10/month. You can use this seat on different modules, e.g. if you want to be able to send documents in several different EDI formats, will have AS2 connection or other functionalities that iEDI can offer.

“The seat system is a solution that makes it easy for our customers to customize their subscription, so that it only contains the functions that the customer needs. In this way, the customer does not have to pay extra for functions they do not use ”.

- Anita Petersen, EDI konsulent og Partner, iEDI

When you sign up for iEDI, you automatically purchase the basic package for £10/month, which contains an optional EDI format and the standard functions. Then you can buy and unsubscribe seats as needed. You can read more about iEDI's features here:

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