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The sales module allows you to receive EDI orders and send order confirmations back to customers in their preferred EDI format. All of this can be accomplished without the use of an EDI system.

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Receive EDI orders and send your order confirmations via EDI

The sales module is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a customer or business partner who requires electronic exchange through EDI. Your customer can send you an EDI order in the EDI format of their choice. When the system receives your new orders, you will receive an email with a link to the order. You can then send your order confirmation to the customer. Send a DESADV with SSCC codes to enhance the experience. You can create your own codes or use a prefix number for your customer. Finish the transaction with an EDI invoice that contains your own company information, making it simple and quick. You can also send credit notes via EDI when using the sales module.

Customize your subscription

If you need help, we are of course always available with good advice and counseling. If you want an iEDI consultant to ensure proper setup and test the solution with your customer, such consultants can be purchased for € 202.

Different modules can be purchased to meet your specific needs. More information about them can be found on our website under the 'products' tab. In other words, you can create your own subscription that includes all of the features you need.

01 Receive your orders as EDI

The list of EDI formats is long. Ask your customer what EDI format they are using and add it to your sales module.

02 Send EDI order confirmation, invoices and credit notes

You can trade electronically with your customers using EDI even if you don't have an EDI system.

03 Purchase of extra modules

Customize your subscription by purchasing various modules that can advance your EDI solution.

Get started with electronic trading

Get the sales module for
€ 12,- / month

Get access to the portal incl. the sales module for only € 12 per month and start exchanging EDI documents.

Start-up costs

EUR 0,-

Price per month

EUR 12,-

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