SSCC labels for your shipments

With you can generate and print your own SSCC codes for shipping and shipping advice.

SSCC Label example

Easy to generate SSCC labels

With a few clicks, you can send your goods away safely and securely, keep track of where they are in the shipping process, and facilitate your customers' goods receipt.

With this solution, you can generate SSCC codes for your shipments and print the codes directly from the platform to your label or laser printer.

How it works:

The system is simple to use. Simply add the pallet and package number to the item line when creating a delivery note. The system then automatically generates SSCC codes that can be printed and placed on the packages / pallets.

Label printer:

If you want to print your SSCC codes as labels on your own printer, this is of course also possible.

With our API module, your printer is set up to be able to print the SSCC codes on labels that can be put on packages / pallets for your customers.

The API module costs 2 extra seats (€ 12,- per seat).

Print delivery notes and parcel labels for shipments

Create booking messages to known freight forwarders and send, as PDF or EDI

Receive shipping status messages and automatically update shipping status

Load receipts and stock items

Read out shipping advice to PDF or EDI

Easier workflows for you and your customers

Included in the subscription to € 12,- per month you get the following:

Shipping advice with own SSCC numbers either as EDI or print as PDF.
You can print SSCC codes as a PDF via the website.

Printing of labels on your own printer using the API module can be purchased for € 21.5,- extra per month.

Price per month

EUR 12,-

Purchase API module / Price per month

EUR 21.5,-

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