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iEDI's platform helps you exchange electronic documents via EDI.
But what exactly is EDI?

Video about EDI

With iedi.online
you can send EDI to:

  • Everyone in the timber industry, like e.g. Bygma, Davidsen, XL-Byg, Stark, Harald Nyborg

  • Everyone in the Food Industry, like e.g. COOP, Salling-group, Dagrofa

  • Others: Imerco, Plantorama, Petworld, Huscompagniet

As well as all your partners who are using PEPPOL, EDIFACT, Tradacoms and other international standards.

EDI Invoice

Once your electronic order confirmation has been sent, you can, with a few clicks, convert it into an
invoice and send it off as an EDI
- quickly and efficiently.

EDI Orders

With iedi.online you have all your orders in one place.
You can easily send an order confirmation in your customer's desired EDI format. This also applies to your international customers.


Save time and minimize the risk of errors by implementing automatic EDI. We have automation solutions in the toolbox that will make the bottom line grow.

See here how to...

Create an invoice

Create a customer

Add a product to your catalog


iedi.online is for you who need to send your first EDI invoice (iedi.online) and for you who already have a professional digital workflow (iedi.com).

Are you a small company with a big customer, which requires you to send your order confirmations and invoices etc. electronically as EDI?
Iedi.online is a platform that can easily and cheaply handle electronic documents between you and your customer. We can convert your documents into several different EDI formats, so you can collaborate with companies from both home and abroad.
iEDI.online is a platform where you can send EDI documents to English and international customers. Collect your orders in one place, send your order confirmation electronically via e.g. Tradacoms (British EDI format) or PEPPOL (EU EDI format) and convert the order confirmation to an EDI invoice easily and quickly.
This solution will save you both time on manual entries as well as risk of errors.
We can integrate EDI into your own financial system so that your electronic documents are posted correctly - completely automatically.
Do you have specific requirements and wishes for integrating EDI into your financial system?
Read more about the many options for integrating automatic EDI at iedi.com or contact us at info@iedi.com.
  • NemHandel (OIOUBL)
  • EHF
  • Svefaktura
  • Tradacoms
  • ANSI X12
Do you want to send in a different EDI format? Write to us at info@iedi.com and we will find a solution.
At iedi.online there is always free help to get. We are lightning fast on the chat, and we have a wide helpdesk with various help articles and how-to videos.
See our helpdesk here: Helpdesk
"My customers use iEDI+ and Premium primarily to convert between UN/EDIFACT and UK Tradacoms. iEDI delivers messages direcly on our Tradanet account on GXS."
- Kern Nightingale, Complete It from UK

"We've tried a lot of solutions through the last 30 years. iEDI is the only solution so far that has proven strong enough to suit all our specific needs. Great support, high performance running on iEDI Enterprise with 14615+ integrations peaking at 11k+ jobs daily 24/7. Even our catalogues are autocreated per customer."
- Toke Godiksen, Saint-Gobain, Danmark

Contact iEDI

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Phone (+45) 4917-5243

iEDI is developed by DUC, which with its 18 years in the industry is a significant provider of EDI in Denmark, Europe & elsewhere in the world. The iEDI network has nodes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, England, Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada iEDI covers the whole world from these nodes.

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