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We were pleased to announce a few weeks ago that iEDI had been certified as a Great Place to Work. It is a recognition that we are proud of, and it attests to a strong work environment with a culture of trust and recognition. This is especially important to us, and we hope it is felt by our customers and partners.

Without our employees, we would never have succeeded in achieving our mission of providing an all-in-one EDI solution, so our customers only need one system.

"Our employees are extremely agile in their work and excellent at inventing innovative solutions. They develop robots for customer accounting, and know all the formats and protocols in the world."

- Anita Petersen, EDI consultant & Partner, iEDI

The fantastic community and the exciting tasks that ensure that no two days are the same are what make iEDI a great place to work. We are all driven by our business objectives, and we are all working towards our vision of making the automated world of EDI a little easier to get started with and understand.

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