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Wehkamp, a Dutch online webshop with approximately 600 suppliers, uses iEDI as their EDI department. That is, we are responsible for handling their EDI documents and technologies, as well as answering all of their vendors' EDI questions, and getting vendors who do not have EDI up and running. Do you want to outsource your EDI operations as well?

It is the fewest companies with over 100 different suppliers that have enough resources to ensure that they get the most out of their EDI solution. Many businesses find it difficult to get all of their suppliers on board with EDI, which is usually due to a variety of issues.

Customer case: Wehkamp gets an EDI consultant at iEDI

Wehkamp has entered into a long-term collaboration with iEDI, on the grounds that we are a flexible supplier with the necessary resources, programs and services that enable them to go all-in on EDI. Those of their suppliers who do not have EDI, or who are unable to send all necessary EDI documents, can use the portal. As Wehkamp's EDI department, we make sure that their current and new suppliers get off to a good start with the portal, which they can also use to send EDI documents to their other customers.

The company has a number of different automation solutions that can handle a variety of tasks. As they have a robotic warehousing system that packs their orders, our Barcode label system, which can generate labels for shipments and create EDI delivery notes, is a huge advantage for them. Our EDI consultants contribute to Wehkamp also getting robot technology on the purchasing side.

Full managed EDI solution:

Our work with Wehkamp is one of many exciting projects that have pushed us to think in new directions and inspired us to be able to deliver a full managed EDI solution - that is, an EDI solution in which we handle everything from technology to day-to-day operations, allowing companies to have their own EDI department here at iEDI.

"With a full managed solution, we manage everything, and the customer is only involved to the extent that they desire. As a result, we've begun to retrain our employees to be more independent, so they don't have to ask the customer too many questions."

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

We can offer skilled consultants every day of the week, who take the dialogue with your suppliers, and make sure that both your and your suppliers' processes run smoothly from purchase to payment.

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