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Throw the tedious work to Susanne




Imagine having a digital assistant who helps you with the tedious manual tasks, is lightning fast on the keys, needs neither breaks nor sleep, and makes sure you are always up-to-date with your latest orders. Such is Susanne - our latest invented robot.

The word "robot" may give you an image in your head, of a pile of mechanics cast together by several parts, until it forms a human figure, and which moves rigidly and mechanically.
Susanne is not that kind of robot. She is a programmed piece of software that operates inside the computer. But what the two types of robots have in common is that they take care of the tedious manual tasks.

Kansas Workwear gets a framework that reads orders from the customer's ordering system and sends them electronically to Kansas' EDI system:

The challenge:

A new large customer with its own ordering system, created challenges for Kansas Workwear. The customer's ordering system required Kansas to manually access the customer's system to retrieve their orders. Next, they had to enter the orders themselves into their own system.
This meant that some of the challenges Kansas faced were not only the time-consuming piece of manual labor, but also the fact that it entailed an increased risk of errors in the orders, and some orders could be missed in the process.

The solution:

After a lengthy dialogue with Kansas Workwear, it was decided that the right solution could be found in a framework that could automatically log in to the customer's ordering system, read all the information in the order, and send the order off as EDI to Kansas.

“The great thing about Susanne is that now we have a robot that can not only help Kansas in their case, but also several of our other customers who are facing similar issues”

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

This solution has given Kansas less time-consuming work, fewer errors, and the ability to have a constantly updated ordering system.

Do you also want Susanne as your digital assistant? Or do your challenges require a more tailored robot? So get in touch with us and let's find solutions together.

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