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Norwegian has been growing lately. As Norway's largest online grocery store, they have found themselves forced to automate processes such as purchasing and trading with suppliers, in order to focus on the company's core tasks and their mission to deliver the best trading experience to their customers. has probed the market carefully to find a total solution that can help them with their challenges, but which also caters to their many suppliers - large and small. Therefore, they were looking for an EDI supplier who could handle the whole task - from getting themselves into the EDI world to getting all their suppliers started easily and quickly with EDI as well.

The challenge:

The company's basic challenge was that the procurement process had become too time consuming for them. They therefore wanted to automate these processes so that they could send their orders electronically as well as receive their order confirmations and delivery notes without having to spend time on manual entries.’s challenges could be solved with an EDI system, but here came their second challenge - their large suppliers had different EDI solutions, and their small ones did not know about EDI at all.

They want to take good care of their suppliers, and therefore it was important for them to find a solution that did not require a whole lot of their suppliers, but which could give them the opportunity to jump on the EDI wave easily, cheaply and without the need of special technical skills.

The solution:

Together with, we have created a package solution that can get them and all their suppliers up and running with EDI in record time.

With this solution, the company can send their orders via EDI as well as receive their order confirmations and delivery notes electronically, regardless of which EDI system the suppliers use. can calmly demand trade with EDI, as this total solution includes a portal for those of their suppliers who do not yet have EDI. is the portal that enables small and medium-sized businesses to get started with EDI right away.

For just 119, - NOK per month, they can receive EDI orders, convert the order into an order confirmation with a single click, and just as easily send an EDI delivery note and generate SSCC barcode labels for their shipment.

The suppliers can use this portal both to exchange EDI documents with, but also with their other partners in Norway and abroad.

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