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Customer case: Harald Nyborg in the electronic world




In just 10 days, 40 Harald Nyborg stores went from manual workflows to a more digital workflow. Five clicks on the computer gives Harald Nyborg's sales people more time for customers in the stores, gives the administration in the company a better overview and a more advantageous collaboration for their suppliers, who now do not have to enter orders manually and can exchange documents electronically.

The challenge:

Harald Nyborg's system at the time created challenges in their procurement. With this system, their 40 different stores had to manually order goods from the suppliers, which took time away from the stores' core tasks, and was a tedious process for the suppliers who had to spend time entering the orders in their own system.
They would like to have solved this challenge in a way that was beneficial to them, but also to their various suppliers.

The solution:

Harald Nyborg approached iEDI to hear what solution proposals we could offer.

Of course we said "Jump on the EDI wave!".

The solution was a purchasing module and a sales module at iEDI, which makes the entire purchasing process faster and easier for Harald Nyborg and their suppliers.

On their iEDI platform, they now have an overview of all their suppliers as well as the products that each supplier can offer. The stores' employees simply have to log in, select the supplier to get an overview of all the supplier's products, select the products that the store must purchase and click send. The system is designed to take into account minimum orders and other things, which makes the system very user-friendly and requires a minimum of time. The administration at Harald Nyborg receives the invoice directly from the supplier, and can now take care of the administration, while the stores' employees can focus on the customers in the stores.

"This is a system with a lot of functionality, and which is not only beneficial for Harald Nyborg, but also for their suppliers - large and small."

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

This system of course requires that Harald Nyborg's suppliers can also receive and send EDI documents. Precisely this issue is the second reason why Harald Nyborg chose iEDI as a provider. Their smaller suppliers who have not yet ventured into EDI can send and receive EDI orders, invoices etc. with completely without an EDI system or an IT department - and even for a very low price.

The system was tested by the employees at Harald Nyborg before it was taken into use. All test persons were satisfied with the new system, and were surprised at the good user-friendliness as well as the time savings they could achieve with the new system.

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