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Customer case: HJS Værktøj expands
their EDI toolbox with help
of iEDI's PDF Solution




HJS Værktøj acts as a quality tool agency and sells professional tools through its dealers. For many years, they were used to exchanging invoices via EDI, but in recent years, they, like many other companies, have noticed that their customers' expectations to their EDI systems have grown exponentially.

The challenge:

HJS Værktøj has been exchanging invoices and credit notes with their partners for many years, but there is a growing desire among their customers to automate more documents like order confirmations.

The big question for the company was whether they should upgrade their ERP system to a more expensive affair in order to fulfill all of their customers' EDI wishes, or whether they should keep their current system, which was fine and fulfilled most of their wishes, and then see how far they could go with that solution.

The solution:

HJS Værktøj are used to create PDF order confirmations. If these were to be automated, the company would have to invest in a data extraction tool, among other things. Instead, we agreed with HJS Værktøj that they could continue to use their current workflows while our team handled their PDFs and converted them to EDI.

This was how we came up with our product: The PDF Solution.
A solution that simply requires you to send your PDFs to our team rather than your customer, and then we test EDI formats with the customer as well as send your PDFs as EDI directly to the recipient in their preferred format.

Today, the solution has been running for over half a year to the great satisfaction of all parties.

Are you interested in this solution as well? Or are you facing another challenge? So feel free contact us at to discuss the possibilities without obligation.

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