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Not everyone thinks digitization and automation are sexy. Changes require courage, and perhaps you have a workflow that is probably more time-consuming, but which you feel really good about and you know works as it should. You know what a PDF is, and it does its job to the letter. But suddenly a business partner comes along and wants your PDFs sent as EDI documents instead.

Don't worry, we know a provider that can convert your PDFs to EDI documents and send them to your business partner in their preferred EDI format.

You may have been in a situation where you have been prevented from partnering with a company because you cannot send your orders or invoices as EDI.

More and more companies are not accepting documents submitted as PDF. They require an electronic trade with EDI, to for example save time and minimize the risk of errors in the documents. But this problem can now be solved with the flick of a finger.

iEDI's new function ensures that you can continue with your normal safe workflows and at the same time exchange electronic documents with the partners who want to trade with EDI.

"The purpose of this function is to give more Danish companies the opportunity for electronic trading, without having to feel the big change from their normal routines"

- Anita Petersen, EDI konsulent & Partner, iEDI

The function works so that you get an iEDI email address to which you have to send your PDFs - and then your work is actually done. We teach the computer to interpret the PDF, convert it to an EDI and send it to your business partner in their desired EDI format.

The PDF-to-EDI module supports the following documents; delivery notes, invoices, orders, order confirmations, credit notes and similar documents. This module is already used by In2house, Knauf, Kristensen & Kristensen and Avant.

We can offer this module at a competitive price. This is an advanced module, and therefore costs 4 extra seats plus start-up costs. Start-up costs include setup and mapping from PDF to EDI. Each seat costs only £10/month.

If you are completely new to iEDI, you can get started with this system for £50/month + start-up costs.

Do you have a question? You are always welcome to send us an email at or write in the live chat you will find in the bottom right corner.

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