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You may already have a complete EDI solution that benefits both your company and your suppliers, but you don’t get the maximum benefit from the solution if your suppliers cannot exchange orders, invoices etc. via EDI.
iEDI has developed a solution that enables you to get all your suppliers on the EDI wave quickly and efficiently.

The fact that you can exchange EDI with your suppliers gives you and your company many benefits, but it also benefits your suppliers who can benefit greatly from the automated processes that EDI offers.

Unfortunately, getting suppliers started with EDI can be a lengthy process. EDI is unfamiliar to many companies, and they worry about how expensive and time consuming it is, what processes they now have to change, and whether they also have to replace their familiar ERP system filled with important data.

There is no doubt that having to throw the safe manual tasks into the electronic world can seem overwhelming for a small business.

We at iEDI have chosen to do something about this issue.

The solution is - a platform where your suppliers can send EDI documents to you for just £ 10,- per month, with direct connection to the system you use today.

"We have focused on creating an easy and economical solution that enables companies to exchange the most necessary documents with EDI, without having to compromise on their ERP systems and similar tools."

- Jens Kirkeby, CTO, iEDI

We offer this platform to those of your vendors who do not yet have EDI.

The solution allows you to send electronic orders to your suppliers, and your suppliers can send you EDI order confirmations, shipping advice, invoices and credit notes in your desired EDI format, without the supplier having to own an EDI system. You can read more about the platform here:

There are different ways to use the platform.
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Do you also want your suppliers integrated with EDI? Send us an email at and let's put together the perfect plan.

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