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Avant is implementing new exciting technologies to improve workflows




Avant's expansion of their range of services and products has resulted in increased growth, which has created complexity in everyday life. Avant has now begun a major project to optimize their business processes and workflow in order to improve the customer experience. Avant discusses their experiences with the implementation of a completely new warehousing system, including three robots to assist the company's logistics.

Although the goal was to simply install the three robots and continue with their current systems, the company quickly realized that they needed to install a new warehousing system in order to meet their customers' need to pick up their goods on a daily basis.

The company's problems with their previous system were that the workflows did not account for the fact that their customers wanted to pick up their goods at different times during the day. According to Peder Rosenberg Christensen, Head of Analytics at Avant, the new warehouse system allows the company to plan out these conditions, increasing the chances that customers will be able to pick up their goods on time.

Avant has spent the last few years focusing on developing the best strategy for utilizing their data in everyday life. The company has spent a lot of resources to ensure that their data is in order and ready for use. According to Peder Rosenberg Christensen, data is an important element of their new system. They have ambitions to develop a tool that can improve the process of picking and packing the goods. The tool should automatically place related items in the warehouse next to each other.

In collaboration with SSI Schaefer, they have found a solution that solves both their problems regarding space and daily deadlines. Their robots are designed to lower warehouse shelves, allowing an employee to pick items from the shelf. The machines automatically know which shelves to pick from by using laser lighting. According to Peder, if you are good at using data to design the contents of vending machines, you can make even better use of warehouse space.

Not everything in the warehouse is high-tech. Avant continues to use flow racks to store goods that are sold often. The benefit is that if there is a long wait to pick up a shelf, the system will direct the employee to pick up goods from flow racks in the meantime.

Avant feels prepared for the future with this system, as it is easily expandable with additional robots.

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