Does your customer want to send orders to you as EDI?

Receiving orders via EDI from your customer does not have to be costly or time-consuming.
Simply establish a connection between you and your customer, and they will be able to send EDI orders to your account for only €12,-.


Receive orders from your customer via PEPPOL or EDIFACT

You can receive EDI orders from your customers via PEPPOL or Nemhandel for as little as €12,- per month.

If your customer wants to send via FTP or AS2, you can purchase an additional seat and we will assist you with the setup.

After completing the setup, you will receive a notification via email along with a PDF and a link to Now your customers can send EDI orders to you.

You have the option of handling the EDI setup and testing with your customer yourself, or simply "wanting it solved" with our assistance.
In that case, please contact us via email ( or phone (+45 4917 5243) and we will assist you and the customer in getting started.

Receive EDI orders tomorrow

Get an account

iEDI's platform helps you exchange electronic documents via EDI. Complete the setup yourself or get help from our consultants.

Price per setup

~ EUR 310,-

Price per month


Contact iEDI
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Phone (+45) 4917-5243

iEDI is developed by DUC, which with its 18 years in the industry is a significant provider of EDI in Denmark, Europe & elsewhere in the world. The iEDI network has nodes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, England, Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada iEDI covers the whole world from these nodes.

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