Receive electronic orders

Now your customer can send EDI orders, directly to your

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Match and send your order confirmation with EDI converts your order into an order confirmation and sends it in the EDI format your client desires

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Send electronic invoices

Send your invoice as EDI or PDF easily and quickly

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Feel the difference with automatic EDI

Save time and minimize the risk of errors with the many options available with automatic EDI

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Do your customer require exchange of documents via EDI?

Sign up for for only £10,- per month.

Our platform ensures that you can receive orders, send EDI order confirmations
as well as create invoices and send them directly via standard EDI formats.

Get started quickly

No IT department required - you can get started right away with


Make professional invoices and send them, like EDI or PDF with your own logo directly to your customers

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Get quick insight into what has been received and what has been sent.


Get notified via Email when you receive EDI orders. You will also receive a PDF so you can print the order

Here's how works

Choose the EDI format you need

For £10,- per month, you can receive and send the EDI format Tradacom. Do you need other EDI formats, e.g. EDIFACT or PEPPOL, you can add it as a "seat". Adding a seat costs an additional £10,- a month.

You can unsubscribe at any time. We have no binding.

Does your customer require you to send through a specific protocol?

Under "traffic" you can choose which protocol you want to associate with your account, e.g. AS2 and FTP.
A protocol costs an additional £10,- a month.

Start exchanging electronic orders and invoices etc. is a platform that converts your documents into EDI documents and sends them to the recipient's EDI system.
You can also receive electronic documents via the platform, or have them sent as PDF by mail.

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iEDI is developed by DUC, which with its 18 years in the industry is a significant provider of EDI in Denmark, Europe & elsewhere in the world. The iEDI network has nodes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, England, Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada iEDI covers the whole world from these nodes.

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